Front End 2010 – BYOB Birthday Bash 8th May 2010

Used to be a fesbian, did you? Well, we all experimented back in collage din’t we. But FES never went away, see, and now they’re celebrating 10 years in the show, and that’s pretty cool. We never released anything on FES but we’restillplaying at the birthday bash, because the twin godheads of booze and crack will be there, and we worship them.

We’ve done FES shows before mind you:


The Jimmy Cake Live @ Vicar St. Nov. 21st

Yes, it is going to happen. Unless you’re fighting off the flesh eaters in a localised zombie apocalypse (and can produce documentary evidence to support this) you better be there. I like the blurb on the announcement, looks like it was written by a Caker, and is full of inaccuracies, as is most blurb.

Our odius overlords at ticketmaster have the chits you require. And as soon as i find out how it is possible to buy a ticket without lining their mammonesque  pouches with any more of your hard earned lucre, i will attest, right here, people. right. friggin. here.

Maradona versus Ennis

Not this time, Ennis, you bastard

I've often wondered who that guy with the mustache is, and what he's doing now..

Last time i was in Ennis was 1986. I remember this, because after a summer that could be best described retrospectively and comparatively as “glorious” (as in it didn’t rain for a day, possibly), during which i watched every available world cup game i could, Portugal beating England, Morrocco drawing with England, Argentina beating England and all the rest (i can still see Papin wheeling away in glee after scoring against Canada. take that Canucks! And Manuel Negrete scoring with that bicycle kick against Bulgaria… grand days). Except of course for the centrepiece, the big kahuna, the fucking final. Why? because i was stuck in a car being driven down to Ennis, to stay with the granny of a friend for a couple of weeks. Thanks, ennis, thanks a whole freaking bunch.

As I walked home from school in the build up to that epic summer, and stopped off to buy a new World Cup bubble gum and sticker fandango (“Klaus Allofs??!! YES!!”), this song appeared to be playing constantly in the background. I did manage to fill that Panini sticker book, and it remains one of the few instances of seeing-things-through-to-the-end bravado in my life. Another is being in this poxy band.