About Diplah

oh, what a let down.

oh, what a let down.

Dara Thomas Diplah Higgins has been part of the musical scene in Dublin since making his live debut, as a drummer, in 1989 at the Corey Feldmanesque age of 15. Since then he’s played bass and whatnot for various bands, most notably The Jimmy Cake, whilst lending his bulk on stage, television and radio to other acts, among them Jape, Nina Hynes, Katell Keineg, Mark Geary, Tychonaut, Carol Keogh, Lisa Hannigan, Damo Suzuki, Iva Bitova, Glen Hansard, Liam O’ Maonlai, Ann Scott, The Walls, Uptown Raquet Club, Donal Dineen and so forth, while prostituting his studio skillz to Martin A. Egan, Daniel Figgis, Jeff Martin et cetera. There was also the one rehearsal with The Bastard Sons of Boris Karloff, that deserves a mention. Clearly we are not defined by our words, nor indeed actions, but by our associations with those more famous than ourselves. It’s the modern way.

Being that he once stood between two bickering members of the Wu Tang Clan at a urinal and started a fight with Ian Brown, Dara really, really understands music, and having a couple of repeatedly-rejected novels under his belt gives him actual insight into the pain of “writing” . Aside from being the midwife to some criminally overlooked acts of fiction, Dara has written for television and over the aeons he contributed to various websites and publications, hardly any of which are still actually with us. That’s a coincidence, by the way, and nothing more.

Dara’s profile over on the state.ie website : http://www.state.ie/author/diplah

This blog also contains the accumulated sybaritic wordnoise of the last decade plus of The Jimmy Cake’s tour diary, and the hearthurts, break ups, break downs, scraps and hangovers contained within. The views expressed are exclusively Dara’s, and he does not seek to speak for the other 35 present and ex members of the band, as they are really all rather dull.


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