Beaner’s portrait of John’s hands. Sublime.

this has bean

I took this photo a while back of my friend John Dermodys hands directly after coming off stage at a gig by his band the Jimmy Cake. He is a top drummer who hits the skins hard. This particular night he was playing like a metronome, nearly in a trance. He was playing so hard that his knuckles were bleeding. I really liked the photo it just seemed so rock and roll to me. It has it all.

I’m not sure if I’ll put this in the exhibition as I don’t think it would fit with all the portraits. I might put it in another one that I am planning which will be more on the theme of parties, night life and music. Which will I guess be a distant memory for me soon as I’ll be a daddy. That’s not saying I won’t be partying again in my…

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